Our main purpose is to explore literary fiction texts through the combination of several disciplines and practices, namely literary studies, stylistics and linguistics, empirical aesthetics and oral performance. Bringing together these different approaches seems necessary to fully grasp and experience the powerful effects a literary piece of text is prone to produce in readers.

The conference has been conceived as a convivial event, aiming to foster interaction between attendees. We intend to favour quality over quantity in terms of scientific output, and will therefore avoid parallel sessions if possible.
Lunches on Thursday and Friday, as well as an opening reception on Wednesday, will be provided to all signed-up attendees.

Wednesday, 19th: Registration will start at 4pm at Brighton University, 154-155 Edward St, Brighton BN2 0JG. We are very much looking forward to our opening keynote presentation by Prof. Nigel McLoughlin from 5.30-6.30pm, followed by reception drinks at Junkyard Dogs cafe-bar.

Thursday, 20th: The first full day of the conference will start at 9.30am. Untill 5.30pm, we will hear and discuss the first ten takes on what it is that can make literature powerful. There will be coffee breaks and lunch to keep us all awake and happy.

Friday, 21st: The last day of the conference will already start with a highlight. Prof. Michael Toolan’s  keynote presentation will take place from 10-11am. Afterwards, we will hear about seven further powerful literary fiction texts and their secrets. We will end the conference at 5.30pm, but we would love to continue discussions with all speakers in the evening at the Celebratory Dinner at the El Duomo Restaurant right next to the historic Royal Pavilion.